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Cover your doors and windows with high-quality aluminum awnings from The Window Factory (Manitoba) Ltd. Our aluminum awning specialists in Winnipeg have been serving both residential and commercial clients since 1991. We are committed to designing, manufacturing and installing one of the finest aluminum awnings in the industry. Our professionals will ensure that our awnings will provide a relaxing and cool extension for your living area. We always recommend to our clients that a new aluminum awning creates character for your home or business.

At The Window Factory (Manitoba) Ltd, we manufacture four distinct lines of aluminum awnings and install in Winnipeg, Interlake and surrounding areas. Each design is incorporated with high tensile strength aluminum alloys and years of proven reliability, backed by an unmatched 20 years of written warranty.


Our aluminum awnings are made of aluminum fastened together by aluminum rivets and cadmium plated steel screws.
Strengthening members are of high tensile strength aluminum alloys, with thickness’ varying from .025 to .051 inches.
These awnings are monocoque type construction and therefore require little actual framework. Each crimp of interlock produces a work-hardened strengthening member.
Aluminum awnings are properly prepared for paint by a series of hot bath solutions to clean and degrease the metal, and adequately etch the aluminum for the best possible paint adhesion.
The final coat of paint is a thick layer of baked on enamel, which ensures long-lasting beauty and shine.


They are made in Manitoba, one of the strongest aluminum awnings in the industry and an elegant way for the solar shading of properties. For over 30 years, the Koolshade has been covering windows, decks, carports and doorways. They feature a heavy-duty understructure and interlocking panels in a choice of 12 standard colors. The Koolshade is more suitable for storefront applications as it can be assembled on site by our experienced installation crew resulting in awnings that can be 200 plus feet in length.


Available with or without roof vents
Available in any size for any application
Stationary design with no moving parts
Offers a classic look with proven dependability
Can be disassembled and packaged for delivery to anywhere in the world


Our step-down decorator awnings offer a similar appearance to the Ventaire awning but it is particularly designed for windows or decks that are exposed to heat during the day time. These awnings’ main covering has no vents or slots, and is supported by a heavy-duty understructure. The step-down decorator is a simple awning in a contemporary design.


Heavy gauge understructure
Can be made to cover bow and bay style windows of any size
Available with 12 trim colours

The Ventaire Awning

The Ventaire awning is another exclusive product from The Window Factory (Manitoba) Ltd. It combines the attributes of a stationary awning design with the benefits of a retractable awning. The main structure of the Ventaire awning system is composed of heavy gauge aluminum understructure, which is then covered with our exclusive Ventaire main panel. It is designed to provide a high degree of shade protection while still allowing a degree of visible light to pass through it.


Available with 12 trim colours
Can be made to cover bow and bay style windows of any size
Heavy gauge understructure covered by our exclusive Ventaire panel

Unmatched Products, Integrity and Craftsmanship

From storm and insulated doors to PVC windows and aluminum awnings, we’ve got you covered. All our products are attractive and built to last long.

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