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At The Window Factory (Manitoba) Ltd, we aim to add value to your property. As a part of this endeavour, we provide installation services for front doors in Winnipeg. A front door is essential both for functionality and appearance. It is the first thing visitors and customers notice about your property, which is why it should complement the overall look of your residential property. On top of that, it should be sturdy enough to stave off intruders and extreme weather conditions. The last aspect is crucial for this part of the world, where winters are harsh.


We design, install, and maintain front doors in Winnipeg to meet your needs. Our contractors never subcontract their work and carefully prepare every front door.

We invite you to discuss your requirements with us. Our team is always available to have a chat.

Types of Front Doors

Every property is different and has unique demands. There are various materials available in the market that can meet these needs. Some of the common types of front door materials that we offer are:

Fibreglass doors: Fibreglass doesn't conduct heat easily. It enhances your comfort in the winter. Composite doors are versatile, and you can customize them to your taste.

Textured wood grain fibreglass doors: These doors are precisely crafted to bring the elegance of wood grain into your door while maintaining the durability and versatility of fibreglass. The captivating textures and natural aesthetics of textured wood grain fibreglass doors combine style and strength, making them an ideal choice for any home or business.

Steel doors: Steel doors are one of the most durable and robust doors available today. They're well-suited to Canadian winters because they offer excellent energy efficiency. They will shield your property from the cold and increase your security significantly.

Not sure which type of front door is suitable for you? Please speak to our front-door contractors in Winnipeg today! Viewing our gallery, you can learn more about how we've helped others.

Which Doors Offer the Best Energy Efficiency?

Watch for the ENERGY STAR logo when finding the most energy-efficient doors for your home. This tiny blue and white sticker signifies that the door has undergone lab testing to ensure energy efficiency.

An "energy-efficient" door boasts exceptional thermal insulation properties, as measured by its 'R-value.' The higher the number, the more energy-efficient the door is.

It's worth noting that the R-value assesses the door's properties exclusively. If you opt for glass pane cut-outs, the R-value might not fully account for the resulting reduced insulation. Additionally, factors like weatherstripping can influence a door's draft performance.

In cases where the door frame features sidelights or glass panes, they will typically be double-paned and air-filled (double- or triple-glazing), which minimizes heat loss from the exterior door's glass area.

Fiberglass and steel doors without an insulating foam core tend to have an R-value of R-5 or R-6. In contrast, a wood door may only rate at R-1 or R-2. Doors with high-density foam cores provide superior energy efficiency compared to those without.

How Weather Affects Front Doors

In Winnipeg, the weather exerts a significant impact on front doors. The extreme climate, characterized by harsh winters and fluctuating temperatures, can take a toll on the durability and performance of front doors. Here's how:

Cold temperatures and insulation: The bitter cold of Winnipeg winters can challenge the insulation of front doors. If not properly sealed or constructed with high-quality materials, they may allow drafts to seep into the home, leading to increased energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Expansion and contraction: The frequent temperature fluctuations in Winnipeg, where temperatures can vary drastically between seasons, cause materials to expand and contract. This can lead to warping, cracking, or even gaps around the edges of the door. Over time, this compromises the door's effectiveness.

Moisture and humidity: Winnipeg's climate can bring about various moisture-related issues. Excessive moisture can lead to swelling and rot in wooden doors and cause other materials to rust or deteriorate. Proper sealing and finishes are crucial to protect against these effects.

UV exposure: The intense sunlight in Winnipeg, especially during summer, can cause fading and damage to the finish or paint of front doors. This affects the appearance and the overall integrity of the door.

Hardware durability: Extreme weather conditions can also stress the front doors' hardware. Hinges, locks, and handles may experience wear and tear more quickly, potentially leading to security and functionality issues.

Investing in high-quality front doors designed to withstand Winnipeg's unique climate challenges is imperative to mitigate these effects. The Window Factory (Manitoba) Ltd specializes in crafting front doors tailored to endure the weather conditions in Winnipeg. Our doors are built precisely and utilize top-grade materials, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Contact us today to explore our range of durable and weather-resistant front doors in Winnipeg.

How to Protect Your Entry Doors in Winnipeg

Maintaining the optimal condition of your front door in Winnipeg is essential in safeguarding it against the elements. Regardless of the season, whether it's the biting cold of winter or the scorching heat of summer, there are several practices specific to front doors in Winnipeg that you can adopt to prevent environmental damage. 

  • Add or replace the weatherstripping
    In Winnipeg, especially in winter, reliable weatherstripping on front doors is crucial. It is a barrier against chilly drafts and prevents rain from seeping in. Since doors may contract in the cold, effective weatherstripping is essential to keep the cold air from entering through the door's bottom or sides. 

  • Use weather-resistant paint
    For safeguarding your front doors in Winnipeg against the elements, opt for weather-resistant paint. Weather-resistant paint is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, shielding against wear and tear caused by rain, wind, sun, and other weather-related factors.

  • Add a door canopy to your front door 
    Adding an awning can be a game-changer for homeowners in Winnipeg, with front doors directly exposed to natural elements. By absorbing light and dispersing heat before it reaches your door, awnings contribute to a cooler indoor environment, reducing the need for constant air conditioning.


Are you looking for front doors to complete your dream home project? Does the current front door in your office not meet your needs anymore? Our contractors can help. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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